Resturant & Dining


Hoppers - The most popular breakfast dishes in Sri Lanka are the hoppers (appa). These wafer thin, cup-shaped pancakes are made from a fermented batter of rice flour, coconut milk and a dash of palm toddy. A hopper, crisp on the outside, yet soft and spongy in the centre, is best eaten with curries and sambols while still streaming hot. There are many types of hoppers: plain hoppers, egg hoppers, milk hoppers, and sweeter varieties like vanduappa and paniappa.

String hoppers - These are small spaghetti-like strings of rice-flour dough squeezed through a sieve onto small woven trays, which are steamed one atop the other. Light and lacy, string hoppers make a mouthwatering meal with curry and sambol..

They are made from a fermented batter of rice flour and coconut milk, with a dash of palm toddy. Toddy is added to give the typical sour flavour and, more importantly, for the fermentation process which makes the centres full of little holes. The same action can be achieved by using either fresh or dry yeast. After being left to rise, the batter is poured into a hemispherical pan that resembles a small, more acutely curved wok. You could try this out using a small omelette pan.


Rice and Curry - boiled rice with curried vegetable, fish and/or meat laced with Sri Lankan spices is the typical Sri Lankan main meal, a gourmet’s delight. It is served for both lunch and dinner and some do have it for breakfast too. Curries are usually made hot but can be mellowed to suit the pallet. Rice and Curry is served for lunch and dinner. Boiled or steamed rice with a variety of curries, salads, sambols, pappadam and chutney form the meal. Spices are added to make the dishes more delectable.

The unaccustomed may sometimes find the curries too hot but, this is easily controlled by reducing the quantities of spices used, specially chilli and pepper, to suit the different tastes. Everything is brought to the table at once and there are no separate courses as in a Western style meal. It is perfectly correct to take a little of everything and taste it against the neutral rice. On special occasions yellow rice is cooked in coconut milk and delicately flavoured with spices. Turmeric is added to give the rice a bright yellow. It is served garnished with cashews raisins, and hard-boiled eggs.


Delicious Dessert - If you still have room for dessert after all delicious Lankan food, go for a cup of curd topped with treacle or try Wattalappam - a rich pudding made with Jaggery, fudge from the Kitul palm treacle.

If you're battling the bulge, you can still choose from a mouth-watering range of fresh tropical fruits that will really give you a feel of the tropics. Try perennials like papaya, pineapple, several varieties of mangoes, passion fruit, and over a dozen varieties of bananas. Or go for the unusual - pearly white Mangosteen in its purple husk, Rambutan, Sapodilla. Soursap, Guava, Beli, Varaka and Durian.